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Christmas fun ideas

Once the Christmas Eve dinner, and midnight mass, 25th December begins to feel like a drag by noon; unless of course you have something exiting planned for the day as well. Sure, it’s great to gather with family, but a lot of people end up wondering what other Christmas fun ideas are out there at some point. Once you have hit up the homemade buffet, there are dozens of great activities you can enjoy – or even beforehand, if you want to put a twist on the good times. Here are some great ways to liven up the party, no matter where you go:

Practical Jokes

One of the best things to do is find a good-humored person and get them laughing from the start. You might begin by being a trickster with the presents – the smaller box inside a larger box inside a still larger box is a favorite for many. These take some planning ahead of time, so it’s best to pick the right individual and lay out your scheme in advance. You can be as simple or as complex as you like, just as long as you areabsolutely sure everyone will find it humorous.

Gift Hunts

Another idea that takes some forethought, this is actually a Victorian tradition. In the late 1800s, it was very popular for parents or relatives to hide gifts in the house and string a winding piece of yarn from room to room so the recipient had to chase along its whole length until reaching the present. The sense of anticipation builds as the end nears and the gift is revealed. For an extra challenge, you might create a series of clues or a treasure map to guide your seekers.


A lot of places are closed on Christmas Day, but the movie theaters can be counted on to run a normal schedule of Hollywood’s blockbusters. For decades, the cinema has been one of the few places you can go to get out of the house after all the gifts are opened, but the explosion in streaming movies has made dozens of great flicks no further away than the press of a button. Whether you’re slouching in the oversize chairs or stretching out on the sofa, you can be engulfed in a story pretty fast.

Board Games

Toys are the first choice for many when it comes time to play with something, but it can be tough to involve a lot of people that way. Spreading a board game out on the kitchen table and gathering everyone around it allows you to do more than just have a good time – conversation will naturally flow as everyone begins to catch up on the latest happenings. And, of course, there’s a far better chance for good-natured ribbing and merriment with so many people together.

Christmas Light Displays

Wherever you are, there is likely a central hub of decorations that brings everyone in for blocks or miles around. It might be a street where the homes are covered in bright colors and six-foot-tall figurines or a downtown square filled with Christmas trees. After all the commotion of the morning and the rush to visit as much family as possible, a quiet car ride through a festive neighborhood might be the perfect way to cap everything off.

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