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Contemporary Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets have come a long way. They began with wreaths that were decorated with colourful flowers. Over the years the gear has gone through several evolutionary phases. Nowadays people prefer pastel colored wide brimmed hats. Most Easter hats feature bouquets of fresh flowers, trimmings and fruits.

One has to see the spectacle on the streets of New York each year after the Easter Mass. Ladies parade the streets in all their festive finery. Some even wear bizarre hats to attract attention. Yet there are others who sport elegant headgear decorated with lovely satin ribbons and pretty spring flowers. The term Easter bonnet as such was made popular by Irving Berlin way back in the 1930’s. Though of course the history of Easter bonnets go way back to the pagan times.

Easter is about welcoming spring, life and new hope after harsh winters. And fresh floral arrangements on hats only emphasize the point. Fancy designers come out with special Easter hat collections. In fact people can easily shop for them online. No longer does one have to labor over what to wear on Easter from a month in advance. Most designer labels launch products that can be bought by people with different budgets; and all online!