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Make your own Easter bonnet

Another 2 days to Easter 2015! So in case you still haven’t prepared your bonnet then get one ASAP! Can Easter ever be complete without a lovely bonnet? Instead of shopping for one, you can actually do your own thing. Its great fun for kids to actually participate in the whole activity, it only adds to the fun.

After all it’s a woman’s prerogative to look good. Having said that we do not mean that men cannot sport spring headgear for fun! Easter is about welcoming spring and celebrating new life. The history of Easter bonnet and the tradition of wearing colourful headgear decked with flowers goes back to ancient pagan traditions. Long before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

The best way to welcome spring is to lavish your attire with dashes of spring colors. The term ‘Easter bonnet’ as such became popular in America during the first New York Easter parade! Not much has changed since then. Ancient pagans liked to make wreaths out of wooden tree stems; that were then decorated with wild spring flowers. Over the years straw hats replaced the wreath.

You can buy a simple pastel colored straw hat and turn it into an Easter bonnet.

The Spring Fruit bonnet

Arrange plastic fruits fashionably and glue them on to the hat or paint the hat in a natural pastel color. Pick up real fruits like grapes and apples and tie them on to the hat with satin strings.

Spring Flower bonnet

Grab a bunch of wild flowers and bouquet them on the hat with satin trimmings. You can pick up lilies and arrange them around the hat just above the brim. Pink roses look good on a pastel colored hat!

Easter bunny bonnet

This is perfect for little children. Boys and girls can draw and paint bunnies. Take cut outs and stick them onto the hat. You can even paint a bunny on a hat.

Easter egg bonnet

Brightly painted plastic eggs arranged creatively around a hat look very pretty. You can even bouquet eggs and flowers and arrange them on one side of the hat with satin ribbon trimmings.