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Plum cakes, Christmas puddings and more!

Yuletide begins a month from now – Time to get into the holiday spirit!I suppose your mom and grandparents have got into the baking groove already. Candy canes, cookies and special cupcakes top the list in every home. Plum cakes and gingerbread men are my personal favourites! Most of us could die for a slice of great plum cake; nut then how many of know how it came to be such an important Christmas tradition in the first place!

The history of Christmas goodies and especially the Plum kuchen or plum cake– can be traced back to ancient Germany. It owes its origin to the traditional plum porridge that was served to family and guests in every X mas on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas plum pudding though owes its origin to medieval England. Interesting isn’t it? The funny part is the pudding as it was served in those days had nothing to do with the fruit plum. The English referred to dried raisins as plums and the pudding gets its name from there.

The concept of beginning the Christmas dinner with plum pudding was to give the stomach an easy to digest treat after a complete days fast. Christmas Eve those days was referred to as the period of ‘vigil’. The simple porridge evolved into something special over the centuries. People started experimented with the basic dish with spices, dry fruits and fruit pulp.

So if you haven’t started planning your Christmas dinner begin now. There’s hardly time left!